Johan and Wil Boonen from Buggenum each race separately, but together possess a wonderful breeding loft, called “Boonen Pigeons.”
After Wil moved from Neer to Buggenum in 2004, Johan followed in 2008. Since 2010 a mission was started.

This mission was to excel at the international races with the main goal of Barcelona. To achieve this, substantial investments were made in quality pigeons. The pigeons of Ton Vorselen from Thorn were purchased as the basis.

These pigeons are therefore a common thread running through our current colony.

In addition, pigeons were purchased from various top fanciers. Such as by:

  • Rogier Nijs, Tegelen
  • Comb. Nouwen-Paesen, Peer (Belgium)
  • Comb. Janssens-Hausoul, Epen
  • Comb. Schreurs-Hauben, As (België)
  • Jos Martens, Stein

Furthermore, several children from top pigeons were purchased, such as:

  • Son and daughter from “Super Agen”, B + KH Kanski, 1e Internat. Agen 2014
  • Son and daughter “Bieke 295”, J vd Zanden, Scherpenisse, Best ZLU Pigeon 2011-2014
  • Son and daughter from “Little Joe”, Guy Baerts, Grazen, (Belgium) Super breeder
  • Son “Nachtvlieger”, Jan Stevens, Schinveld, Best ZLU pigeon 2014
  • Son “Mito”, Th. Daalmans, Elsloo, 1e Nat. and 1e Int. Ace Pigeon Marseille 3 yrs.
  • Son “Late Marseille”, Pekel & Son, Brunssum, 1e Nat. Ace Pigeon Marseille 3 yrs.
  • Daughter “Korsse Boss”, G. Vedder, Steenwijk, 3 x nightly arrival.

Breeding was also done together with a few fanciers.

  • H. Peters, Panheel “Champ” 1e Super Champion Pigeon Prov. Crit ZLU, 2015 3e Champion Pigeon all ZLU races, 2015
  • P. Stammen, Horn, “Superboy 989” 1e Nat and 1e Internat. Ace Pigeon 2016 with oa: 5e Nat. Narbonne ’16 and 7e Nat. Agen (O)’16
  • Jos Martens, Stein “Atilla” 2e ZLU Pigeon WHZB-TBOTB’16 with oa: 3e Nat. Marseille’16 and 16e Nat. Agen (O)’16

… a beautiful breeding loft
under the name of “Boonen Pigeons”


The most important results in the 90s were the achievement of the General Championship of the “Phoenix” in the Department of Limburg. They also won the General Championship in the Long Distance Club “Limburg.” In 1991 the first success came on the ZLU competition races. At that time, they won an 8th National from Marseille. Afterwards Boonen Brothers achieved the following results:

  • 1e Interprovinciaal Perpignan ’93

  • 2e Nationale Marathon ’97
  • 3e Nat. Perpignan ’93
  • 3e Nat. Marseille ’98
  • 3e Golden Pigeon Barcelona 1993-1995
  • 8e Nat. Marseille ’91
  • 12e Nat. Bordeaux ’00
  • 14e Nat. Marseille ’96
  • 19e Nat. Bordeaux ’92
  • 23e Nat. Marseille ’94
  • 28e Nat. Barcelona ’93