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…een schitterend kweekhok
onder de naam “Boonen Pigeons”


The most important results in the 90s were the achievement of the General Championship of the “Phoenix” in the Department of Limburg. They also won the General Championship in the Long Distance Club “Limburg.” In 1991 the first success came on the ZLU competition races. At that time, they won an 8th National from Marseille. Afterwards Boonen Brothers achieved the following results:

  • 1e Interprovinciaal Perpignan ’93

  • 2e Nationale Marathon ’97
  • 3e Nat. Perpignan ’93
  • 3e Nat. Marseille ’98
  • 3e Golden Pigeon Barcelona 1993-1995
  • 8e Nat. Marseille ’91
  • 12e Nat. Bordeaux ’00
  • 14e Nat. Marseille ’96
  • 19e Nat. Bordeaux ’92
  • 23e Nat. Marseille ’94
  • 28e Nat. Barcelona ’93